Broken Glass Projection is a husband and wife team US-based creative company operating out of Massachusetts, and we’re committed to professionalism and helping our customers furthers their causes. If you choose to work with Broken Glass Projection, you’ll be working with a company that’s committed to customer satisfaction and perfectionism. Broken Glass Projections is a fantastic and scintillating video projection mapping organization. We’re fully committed to ensuring that we help people and businesses by creating a lasting impression on customers, friends, family, and everyone in between through video projection on buildings and other 3-D objects.

One question that we get asked fairly often is why we do what we do, and more often than not, our answer is we do it for the experience and memories people create when they interact with our projections. Here at Broken Glass Projections, projection mapping is a way of life, we’re fully committed to the work we do, and nothing makes us feel better than when people stop in their tracks to admire the incredible and unique work we help our customers create.

You might be wondering what projection mapping is; it’s a 3-D video projection technique that utilizes colors and lights to create awe-inspiring virtual images on non-flat surfaces and irregular shapes. You’re most likely to find video projection mapping done on businesses, homes, buildings, historical landmarks, and more.

After asking what projection mapping is, the follow-up question is almost always why, why should I consider projection mapping? If you’re a business person or love the arts and are trying to turn your building into a magnet that makes people get goosebumps, then a 3-D projection is the way for you. Billboards and posters can only do so much; you give people a brand new experience with video projection mapping.

One of our mantras at Broken Glass Projection is that no idea is too crazy and no canvass is too abstract or worn out to work with; with Broken Glass Projection, be prepared to be mind blown, not just you but everybody else that interacts with the projection we create for you.